Gorilla Marketing

A humorous parlour game for the primitive.

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In Gorilla Marketing, players are primates at an advertising agency; naming ridiculous things, and then coming up with marketing tag lines for those things.

3-8 Players
8+ Ages
20-40 Minutes

Gorilla Marketing is a humorous parlour game featuring dice rolling and word creation.

3D Rendering of components


Gorilla Marketing is a party game of naming ridiculous products, movies, companies, bands, college courses, or food trucks! It is played over two rounds: In round 1, you name the thing, and in round 2, you write the advertising tag line for it.

Round 1 starts by each player picking a category and putting it at the top of their booklet. If we're playing the movie pack, these categories might be something like Horror or Western. Each turn, pass booklets to the left and roll the dice to form an acronym. Players must use the letters that were rolled and write down the name of a ridiculous movie that fits the acronym and the category of the booklet in front of them. Once your booklet comes back to you, it's time to use the crazy awards on your card to judge the best answer. Which of these Western movies features the "Closest Close-Up"? The monkeys with winning titles will earn what we're all after: bananas!

In Round 2, we're passing booklets around again, using acronyms to write the advertising tag lines for the winning titles from Round 1. The best tag lines will earn MORE BANANAS!

  • Hilarious and creative game for a large group
  • Doesn't require a table to play
  • Beautiful art and production
  • The 6 theme packs, and hundreds of categories and awards provide huge replayability
  • Monkey puns

Game Design: Adam Wyse
Art & Graphic Design: Andrew Bosley, Gui Landgraf
UPC: 9781988884639 • Product Code: ROX700


  • 1 x Rulebook
  • 8 x Player booklets
  • 8 x Dry-erase markers
  • 6 x Theme leaflets
  • 16 x Banana tokens
  • 8 x Letter dice
  • 1 x Dice bag

How to play

Rodney Smith of Watch it Played walks through how to play Gorilla Marketing.
Duration: 8:33m YouTube Link: Click Here

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