Iron Spades

Beautifully designed USPCC premium playing cards designed by Chad Michael Studio, encased in a gilded letterpressed box.

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Attention: Only available in Canada and Asia. A reprint of Iron Spades is not planned at this time.


This deck of classic playing cards features original card back and rank designs, as well as fully custom designed Joker and Ace of Spades.

1-99 Players
8+ Ages

Iron Spades are perfect for your poker night, playing classic card games, magic or cardistry.

3D Rendering of components


In 2018, after producing nearly 4 million Iron Clays Game Counters, Chad Michael Studio and Roxley games teamed up with the United States Playing Card Company, Art of Play, and Clove Street Press to create a stunning new deck of cards.  We call them Iron Spades.  

  • Designed by the renowned Chad Michael Studio
  • Cards printed in collaboration with Art of Play by the United States Playing Card Company
  • Letterpress box printed by Clove St. Press
  • Features a custom Joker and Ace of Spades

Art & Graphic Design: Chad Michael

UPC: 9781988884998 • Product Code: ROX550


  • 1 x Premium letterpress box
  • 52 x USPCC printed cards
  • 2 x Custom jokers
  • 2 x Bonus cards


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