Steampunk Rally Fusion Promo Pack 2020

All the promo content developed for Steampunk Rally to date!

$10.00 - In stock


Cards and standees for 10 inventors, plus 2 Spoiler machine parts.

3D Rendering of components


Inventors included: Rube Goldberg, Dr. Braun, Red Green, Zhuge Liang & Lady Huang, Ignacy Lukasiewicz, Lizzie Magie, Sergei Korolev, Maria Telkes, Spede Pasanen, Leonardo da Vinci.

All 10 inventors include their own cockpit, inventor machine part (if applicable) and come with their own standee. Note: Standee bases are not included. Each copy of Steampunk Rally or Fusion comes with 8 standee bases.

Game Design: Orin Bishop
Art & Graphic Design: Mr. Cuddington, Gavan Brown
UPC: 0011586657809 • Product Code: ROX205


  • 18 x Cards
  • 10 x Standees

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