Radlands Hazmats

Hazmats are a pair of beautiful asymmetric, colorful, thick, edge-stitched playmats used to enhance your game of Radlands.

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3D Rendering of components


The Radlands Hazmats are a 2-pack of playmats to enhance your Radlands experience! The Super Deluxe version of Radlands comes with these right in the box, but if you have the Deluxe or Retail versions the Hazmats can make an already-rad game even better. Thick neoprene playmats with rounded corners and fine edge-stitching make the Hazmats some of the finest playmats you'll encounter.

Each mat features unique art and coloring, and each is asymmetric so that each player's camps and event queues line up across the table from each other.

UPC: 0011586657960 • Product Code: ROX903

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