Iron Spades

Beautifully designed USPCC premium playing cards designed by Chad Michael Studio, encased in a gilded letterpressed box.

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This deck of classic playing cards features original card back and rank designs, as well as fully custom designed Joker and Ace of Spades.

1-99 Players
8+ Ages

Iron Spades are perfect for your poker night, playing classic card games, magic or cardistry.

3D Rendering of components


In 2018, after producing nearly 4 million Iron Clays Game Counters, Chad Michael Studio and Roxley games teamed up with the Unitid States Playing Card Company, Art of Play, and Clove Street Press to create a stunning new deck of cards.  We call them Iron Spades.  

  • Designed by the renowned Chad Michael Studio
  • Cards printed in collaboration with Art of Play by the United States Playing Card Company
  • Letterpress box printed by Clove St. Press
  • Features a custom Joker and Ace of Spades

Art & Graphic Design: Chad Michael

UPC: 9781988884998 • Product Code: ROX550


  • 1 x Premium letterpress box
  • 52 x USPCC printed cards
  • 2 x Custom jokers
  • 2 x Bonus cards