Our Designs

Roxley Games specializes in games that are innovative. Whether it’s a new theme or a new mechanism, we strive to bring something different to the market under our brand. Roxley Games are also highly polished: we do not release games that are half baked, and do our absolute best to ensure the ones we do release are well balanced.

Our team

At Roxley, our team represents some of the greatest game design, graphic design, video production and artistic talent Canada has to offer. Our core team members are founders of the renouned game design group: Game Artisans of Canada. Our extensive network of playtesters aids us in ensuring our products are ready for market. At Roxley, we pour our heart and soul into every game we have the opportunity to work on.

Our Production

Roxley Games is not only obsessed with creating well developed, highly polished games. We also only release games that feature stunningly beautiful art appropriately targeted to a game’s audience, and intuitive, sophisticated graphic design.

Our Plan

Roxley plans to release 1-2 highly polished games per year which will be funded privately or through Kickstarter. Our focus will be on Euro-style boardgames, direct conflict 2 player boardgames and card games, all of which must feature innovative mechanisms and/or themes. Our light games will be accessible and our heavier games will be intuitive, to ensure a positive experience for gamers and non-gamers alike.